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Four classification of constant temperature control valve

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Constant temperature control valve according to the temperature of the medium can be divided into different categories, can be divided into the following four categories:
1) vapor temperature package
Temperature within the package filled medium with a low boiling point liquid, when the outside temperature, some of the vaporized liquid to gas, temperature and package volume increased to promote stem, off a small valve opening, reduce the radiator water flow, when the outside temperature decreases, part of the gas and liquefaction liquid, temperature package volume decreased, increased valve opening, to increase the radiator water flow. In this temperature, the temperature of the medium is often in the gas and liquid mixed state, the advantages of the time is fast, but it is very strict, and the temperature is very strict.
2) liquid temperature package
The temperature inside the bag is filled with a special liquid, usually for methanol or toluene. This kind of warm package volume is bigger, the action time is short, at present in the domestic application is more widespread.
3) solid state temperature package
The temperature inside the package is filled with a high expansion coefficient of solid, and more for paraffin, etc.. Due to the relatively small volume of solid relative gas and liquid heat (cold), the temperature of the sensor is relatively slow, but the volume is small, and it is also used in China.
4) metal chip
The temperature controller sense temperature device is a kind of special with memory alloy sheet metal, the metal sheet due to thermal expansion and contraction, driven by temperature control valve movement.
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